Taking a nod from TCM’s Essentials franchise, below is a list of films that I deem essential, the ones you “must see before you die.” These are the films that have made me laugh and cry; the films that have stayed with me well after the credits have rolled. Most importantly, these are the films that have truly made an impact in my life and love of cinema. This is an ongoing list but here’s some essentials to give you an idea of my tastes. Click on the posters to find out why:

casablanca_poster   onwaterfront  sabrina_poster

splendor_poster nxnw_poster bringingupbaby_poster

somelikeithot  citylights  strangerstrain

bestyears_poster palmbeachstory.jpg laura_poster

philadelphiastory  thisgunforhire ninotchka

singing_poster double_poster vertigo_poster

cainemutiny allabouteve  m

barrylyndongilda libeledlady

ladyeve   sunrise  sunset blvd

darkpassage  nowvoyager  arsenicandoldlace

wss_poster    bridgeriverkwai  manwithgoldenarm

grandhotel theapartment maltesefalcon

witnessforprosecution  network mymangodfrey

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